Exploring Current Thinking on Passivhaus

Architects' Datafile May 2021

Passivhaus is largely embraced as a concept by architects as an effective means of drastically reducing emissions in a range of building types, and therefore as an important weapon in the battle to reach the Government’s net zero target by 2050. But what about the wider supply chain, and clients? What accounts for the relatively poor takeup of Passivhaus in the UK compared with other countries, and what are the remaining stigmas and misconceptions around Passivhaus that need to be addressed?

Our research of architects reveals designers’ real-world experiences of Passivhaus design, how it fits within the current procurement and regulatory agenda, and what the remaining challenges are to the wide takeup which many hope for. The survey also gave insights from practitioners into client objections, how many architects are engaged, and the sectors and construction methods which readers believed were most appropriate for Passivhaus. It was bolstered by verbatim comments from respondents to add further professional insight. 

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