Bringing our readers unique, high-value content is something which netMAGmedia is always investing in. As such, we have partnered with audience research firm Edge Insight to survey our readerships on key topics which matter to them. From offsite construction, to Passivhaus, to remote monitoring of social housing.

Launched in 2020 netMAGresearch intends to learn more about our audience, and to inform them further about the topics most important to them. Our survey findings are captured in sponsored White Papers and circulated among our audiences to develop specific market knowledge across all our brands.

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Committing to a Low Carbon Journey

In April 2022 we surveyed our self-builder readership to discover how many of them were pursuing a ‘low carbon’ build, and what their challenges have been along the way.  In…

Selfbuilder + Homemaker | November 2023

Approaches to Water Efficiency in New Homes

The pressure was already on to increase water efficiency, and reduce water use, as much as possible in new homes. But this has been turned up in the past couple…

Housebuilder & Developer | October 2023

Solving the Housing Crisis with Offsite Construction

In 2021 Housebuilder & Developer conducted a study to gauge interest in modern methods of construction, finding that 40% of respondents reported they had never worked with any MMC, and…

Housebuilder & Developer | August 2023

Design for SuDS

Our Design for SuDs Industry Viewfinder reveals architects’ views and experiences of Sustainable Urban Drainage System including their design approaches, client engagement and solutions used.

Architects' Datafile | May 2023

A New Era of Energy Efficient Buildings

The 2022 changes to Parts L and F of the Building Regulations for buildings (plus the introduction of Part O covering overheating for domestic buildings) bring some significant upgrades in…

Architects' Datafile | February 2023

The Road to Zero Carbon

According to the World Green Building Council, buildings are globally responsible for half of the world’s total CO2 emissions and resource consumption, and 36% of global energy consumption. In 2019…

Architects' Datafile | November 2022

Revisiting Fire Safety

Last year, Housing, Management & Maintenance magazine conducted a research initiative of its readers to find out the most common causes of fire risk in their housing stock, and the…

Housing Management & Maintenance | August 2022


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