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Ask the Architect – Gillian Burgis Smith, Strawberry Leopard

Gillian Burgis Smith details how she became an architect, overcoming some outdated industry mindsets and major health obstacles; and how she has positively harnessed her own experience to create inclusive…

Building Insights Episode 40 | 22 July 2024 | With Gillian Burgis Smith

Design & aesthetics in hardened wood flooring

In a very entertaining discussion with the timber flooring design specialist, James discovers why keeping up with fleeting trends may not be as crucial as timeless design and sustainability. 

Building Insights Episode 34 | 7 May 2024 | With Emanuel Lidberg

VMZINC from Napoleon to the Stirling Prize

This episode features Jonathan Lowy, operational marketing marketing manager at VMZinc. Jon’s held several roles in 27+ years at VM, but maintains a really infectious enthusiasm for all things zinc.

Building Insights Episode 33 | 15 April 2024 | With Jonathan Lowy

Following the Golden Thread to Safety Round Table Review

In March 2024 we hosted the third Building Insights LIVE round table, which was a multi-disciplinary discussion around the impact of the Building Safety Act on future construction.

Building Insights Episode 32 | 2 April 2024 | With James Parker

The Benefits of Retrofit & Refurbishment

Tom Slater founded T2S Architecture during the pandemic and is driving the agenda around retrofit as beneficial for the urban context, developers’ business cases, and sustainability.

Building Insights Episode 30 | 4 March 2024 | With Tom Slater


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