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A Year On: Progress on Parts L, F & O

A year on from the upgrades to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations and the inclusion of Part our Industry Viewfinder discovers how architects are meeting changes.

Architects' Datafile | March 2024

Marchini Curran Associates Practice Profile

Kevin Smith of Marchini Curran Architects discusses how the studio has gone from strength to strength even in challenging times, following a buy out.

Building Insights Episode 20 | 30 October 2023 | With Kevin Smith

Key Considerations when Designing Leisure Settings

Lee Crossland of AkzoNobel discusses how his career managing paint stores has helped him in his current role tackling wider leisure sector challenges.

Building Insights Episode 18 | 16 October 2023 | With Lee Crossland

Design for SuDS

Our Design for SuDs Industry Viewfinder reveals architects’ views and experiences of Sustainable Urban Drainage System including design approaches, client engagement, and solutions used.

Architects' Datafile | May 2023

Bill Dunster, Architect, ZEDPower

Bill Dunster of ZedFactory discusses his approach sustainable design and the urgent need for a ‘fad-free,’ uncompromising approach to low carbon buildings.

Building Insights Episode 9 | 21 February 2023 | With Bill Dunster OBE

A New Era of Energy Efficient Buildings

The upgrades to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations include a 31% cut in new homes’ carbon; our Industry Viewfinder gauges architects’ response, including the new Part O.

Architects' Datafile | February 2023

The Road to Zero Carbon

How have architects approached zero carbon buildings to date, and what are their views on the profession’s wider initiatives to achieve low energy designs? Our white paper reveals all.

Architects' Datafile | November 2022

Sustainability & Wellness in Commercial Buildings

Post-Covid, workplaces have to put a lot more into designing spaces to attract the best staff. Our Industry Viewfinder canvassed architects on how sustainability and wellness can be the key.

Architects' Datafile | February 2022

The Future of Tall Buildings

Our Industry Viewfinder which asks architects their views on the future of tall buildings, and what a sustainable case for development might look like in coming years.

Architects' Datafile | November 2021

What Does it Take to ‘Go’ Passivhaus?

Sarah Lewis of the Passivhaus Trust, gives some clear and revealing insights into what it takes to ‘go Passivhaus,’ with an infectious enthusiasm for achieving success in this demanding area.

Building Insights Episode 1 | 15 September 2021 | With Sarah Lewis

Exploring Current Thinking on Passivhaus

Passivhaus is the gold standard of zero carbon; this white paper discovers how architects & clients view it – and if there are stigmas and myths still to address.

Architects' Datafile | May 2021


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