Builders' Voices

Chris Carr, FMB

Chris Carr has run his family SME housebuilding company in Grimsby for many years, but has recently seen his industry profile going through the roof as President of the Federation…

Builders' Voices Episode 8 | 8 April 2024 | With Chris Carr

Jeremy Gray, FMB

Jeremy Gray at the Federation of Master Builders discusses the key takeaways from the FMB’s 2023 House Builders Survey, a key snapshot of the shared challenges across the sector.

Builders' Voices Episode 7 | 12 February 2024 | With Jeremy Gray

Sam Eden, FMB London

Sam Eden of the FMB’s London Hub discuses how the Ultra Low Emissions Zone could ruin plans to deliver the capital’s energy retrofit goals.

Builders' Voices Episode 6 | 4 December 2023 | With Sam Eden

Alli Gay, CHI Homes

Alli Gay of CHI Homes and member of the Federation of Master Builders discusses her desire to increase the reputation of the industry as well as increasing diversity within firms.

Builders' Voices Episode 5 | 16 August 2023 | With Alli Gay

Nic London, N. London Construction

Nic London of N. London Construction & member of he Federation of Master Builders discusses his troubleshooting for local authorities to remedy sub-standard construction.

Builders' Voices Episode 4 | 25 May 2023 | With Nic London

Adrian Swan, Swan Homes

Adrian Swan of Swan Homes and member of Federation of Master Builders proudly discusses the work his firm produces, as well as what his drives for the future.

Builders' Voices Episode 3 | 27 March 2023 | With Adrian Swan

NH Construction & Yorkshire Marketing Consultants

Kelly Worrall of NH Construction discuss how she and her husband set up their own development company, specialising in masonry and stoneworkafter catching the construction bug in 2015.

Builders' Voices Episode 2 | 14 September 2022 | With Kelly Worrall

Swallow Hill Homes

Rob Bailey of Swallow Hill Homes and a member of the FMB share his thoughts on the quality over cost as well as his life running a small firm.

Builders' Voices Episode 1 | 18 July 2022 | With Rob Bailey


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