What Does it Take to ‘Go’ Passivhaus? with Sarah Lewis

Building Insights Episode 1 15 September 2021

In the first episode of Building Insights, James Parker, editor of Architects’ Datafile Magazine, interviews Sarah Lewis, architect and research and policy director at the Passivhaus Trust. 

Passivhaus is being hailed as the UK construction industry’s best hope for achieving zero carbon in 2050. Sarah Lewis is a key advocate of the low-energy building design approach, having spread the word far and wide via her work at the UK’s main body promoting the method – the Passivhaus Trust. Takeup is still relatively low in the UK, however, as ADF magazine’s recent reader survey and White Paper confirmed. 

In a revealing and in-depth conversation, Sarah gave some candid insights into the likely reasons, but also put the positive case for Passivhaus going forward.

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