Solving the Housing Crisis with Offsite Construction

Housebuilder & Developer August 2023

In 2021 Housebuilder & Developer conducted a study to gauge interest in modern methods of construction, finding that 40% of respondents reported they had never worked with any MMC, and 37% never anticipated doing so in the future – with a range of concerns preventing them from adopting the methods, from initial costs to a lack of Government support. 

Two years later, Housebuilder & Developer revisits its reader’s thinking on MMC to see how their perceptions have changed. Are the technologies being adopted more widely? Or are they still being ignored by a third of the industry?

In this White Paper, Housebuilder & Developer reveals that the same significant barriers are still prevalent – with those surveyed having utilised MMC even less than before (-9% YOY), and those who have being less likely to do so in the near future (+6% YOY) – and provides data that goes some way to explaining this. 

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