Sustainability & Wellness in Commercial Buildings

Architects' Datafile February 2022

The pandemic left a question mark over the future of urban commercial environments. As a result, designing spaces which promote employee wellness as well as sustainability is now under a bigger spotlight, with clients keen to attract their staff back to the workplace, and recruit the best new staff.

As well as flexibility in the post-Lockdown era, many employees are also wanting better wellness benefits, including healthy workspaces. Companies battling staff shortages need to use all possible design tools, including wellness accreditation.

We surveyed architects on their views on the importance of workplace sustainability factors – for them and their commercial clients. The results offered unique insights into designers’ views on the power of sustainable and wellness design approaches, and the merits of various standards and methods for uplifting the quality of commercial buildings, and revealed that architects and clients are now focusing on employees’ mental and physical health as a core business benefit.

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