NH Construction & Yorkshire Marketing Consultants with Kelly Worrall

Builders' Voices Episode 2 14 September 2022

Kelly Worrall got the bug for construction in 2015 when she began renovating properties with her partner, who’s a builder. They enjoyed it so much that they set up a development company, NH construction, specialising in masonry and stonework in home improvements, with her husband being a trained stonemason. 

Kelly has had a successful career as a marketer, and formed Yorkshire Marketing Consultants in 2019, which soon began to focus on construction trades and home improvement firms. Her experience and interest in housebuilding has given her the inside knowledge to on marketing success in construction, particularly the benefits of using social media, and online advertising. She has some great insights for housebuilders on the do’s and don’ts of marketing your construction business.

As online marketing, like social media itself, continues to evolve fast, keeping on top of it in a tough market can be challenging. Bearing that in mind, this Builder’s Voice is very much worth a listen. 

Thanks to the Federation of Master Builders for the collaboration on this podcast.


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