Building a Low Carbon Home

Selfbuilder + Homemaker May 2022

Climate change and energy are arguably the two biggest issues facing the world today. Building homes for high energy efficiency is one of the key ways that we can make a substantial difference, and many self-builders are already grappling with the challenge.  

In the light of this, Selfbuilder + Homemaker decided to survey our readership on building low carbon homes. The findings, captured in our first ‘Selfbuilder Survey,’ cover the ins and outs of creating comfortable homes with low carbon emissions, and which cost far less to run. It provides some interesting pointers for anyone looking to ‘go green’. 

With many self-builders increasingly watching their finances, while increasingly focusing on cutting carbon, we wanted to know more about how they were pursuing truly sustainable homes; even ‘zero carbon’ levels. The resulting report shares their successes, but also the challenges they have encountered so far.  By gleaning the insights of our readership via asking searching questions about their journey to zero carbon, we have produced some revealing answers for others to use.

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