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Solutions for Stormwater Management Round Table Review

In this special episode of Building Insights we captures some of the key highlights from our October 2023 industry round table, ‘Solutions for Stormwater Management.’

Building Insights Episode 27 | 19 December 2023 | With James Parker

Exploring Solutions for Stormwater Management

The second Building Insights LIVE construction round table was held at the Building Centre on 17 October 2023, focusing on SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) in new housing developments. netMAGmedia…

Design for SuDS

Our Design for SuDs Industry Viewfinder reveals architects’ views and experiences of Sustainable Urban Drainage System including design approaches, client engagement, and solutions used.

Architects' Datafile | May 2023

Are SuDS Finally Becoming Mainstream?

Sue Illman of Illman Young Landscape Consultants shares the practical approaches of using SuDS as a key method of future-proofing new housing developments against flooding.

Building Insights Episode 6 | 26 May 2022 | With Sue Illman

Future-Proofing Against Floods

With increased severe flooding on the cards, and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems soon to be mandatory, we canvas housebuilders on how they are specifying for flood management.

Housebuilder & Developer | May 2022


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