How to Build a Low Carbon Home with Diane Newbery

Building Insights Episode 7 26 July 2022

In the seventh edition of Building Insights, and the first to feature a self-builder, editor of Selfbuilder and Homemaker magazine James Parker speaks to Diane Newbery, who has two projects under her belt, both challenging but for different reasons. 

They discuss her most recent build, which was designed for low carbon emissions, as well as to provide her with a ‘forever home’ with ample space and light.

She was an ideal subject for the first Building Insights episode dedicated to self-build, because she was very clear on what she wanted, and very focused on getting it. 

The conversation has some great knowledge for anyone looking to follow in Diane’s footsteps, and also touches on Selfbuilder and Homemaker’s recent reader survey on creating a low carbon home.

Thanks to Samsung, Epic Insulation, Mitsubishi Electric, Marley, and West Fraser, for sponsoring this podcast.


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