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Sustainability in the Built Environment

Rita Singh of Kingspan Insulation discusses how a fabric first approach works in practice and why retrofit first should be the overriding aim.

Building Insights Episode 23 | 13 November 2023 | With Rita Singh

Change of Legislation in the Building Industry

Jon Ducker of Kingspan Insulation reviews the changes in legislation covering building performance, and how they have positively affected the industry.

Building Insights Episode 17 | 9 October 2023 | With Jon Ducker

Innovation in Insulation

Alistair Lambie of Kingspan Insulation discusses how the industry is developing innovative new types of insulation for a diverse range of customer needs, across different sectors.

Building Insights Episode 13 | 11 September 2023 | With Alistair Lambie

A New Era of Energy Efficient Buildings

The upgrades to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations include a 31% cut in new homes’ carbon; our Industry Viewfinder gauges architects’ response, including the new Part O.

Architects' Datafile | February 2023


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